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По умолчанию Re: Статистика в сети ENET - PokerPlaner

just try to be helpful and want to make sure people use it as best as possible....

for instance, atm there is a enet software bug which implements by only showing ONE hand in the internal hand history... because of it i needed to use a secondary, more buggy hand history source ("1 Hand bug" option checked on PokerPlaner HHConv-ENET page)

now i think i found a way to trick ENET into creating the quality hand history again (so internal hh viewer is showing all hands again) - basicly fixed the still present enet bug

but i do not know if poeple know about it!?
===> so, try to play with the "1 Hand bug" option unchecked (than the fix comes to work)

latest release is 386!!!!!

PS: thx for the kind posts, make me feel good
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