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По умолчанию Статистика в сети ENET - PokerPlaner

Программа PokerPlaner имеет множество функций (подробнее см. ниже на английском), которые можно покупать отдельно. Нас прежде всего интересует конвертор рук сети Енет для Холдем Менеджера и др. подобных программ (п. 6). Триала для конвертора нет (для других функций есть).

Принцип работы конвертора: в ходе игры берет записанные истории рук, конвертирует в формат Пати покер, и перекладывает в другую папку, из которой их уже читает ХМ.

PokerPlaner - Prices - 12.02.2012
email: stardust1972{at}hotmail(dot)com"
Skype: PokerPlaner
PokerPlaner is a tool which accumulate many different moduls.
For sure you won't need everything, so you will be able getting
only those parts you really need. And this way you will also only
pay for the parts you choose.
If you miss something you would like to have, do not hesitate to ask!
1 - Resize/Place - 15Euro/Year
- Supported sites atm: Everest, IPoker, FullTilt, PokerStars,
BossMedia, B2B/Entraction,
Cake, PartyPoker, PacificPoker, Enet
- automatic resize tables
- automatic place tables (at first you place table manual,
than you store the arrangement)
- wheelup/down => button click
- remove header/resize boader
* NOTE: some features might not be valid/possible everywhere
2 - FishFinder
=> Everest, IPoker, Pokerstars, PartyPoker - 20Euro/Year (each)
=> BossMedia, B2B/Entraction,Enet - 25Euro/Year (each)
- scans lobby and presents list of tables and players with plenty of stats
- can access your PT3/PT2/HoldemManger database for detailed player stats
- join/view tables from within the fishfinder
- scan multiple client at the same time
2.1 - Buddies Addon- 5Euro/Year (price might change)
- make note for your fishes and color them
- easy way to spot Fishes in FishFinder

3 - BetPot
3.1 - Everest : 15Euro/Year
3.2 - BossMedia: 25Euro/Year
3.2 - Enet : 25Euro/Year
- you can define BetSizes dependent on street, limper, firstin, face raise
* NOTE: - table have to be resize to a specific width
- BossMedia: needs to be modded with a blue table
- BossMedia: only miniview tables supported atm
- Enet : requires the Enet handconverter running
4 - Table of Interest : One Network 15Euro/year, any addtional 10Euro/Year
- available for Everest, Bossmedia, Enet (ask for more)
5 - Rebuy - 5Euro/Year (each)
- available for: Everest, BossMedia
- rebuy is possible to min/max
- Autorebuy is possible based on HandHistory-Files
5.1 - Rebuy Enet
- 15Euro/Year <= if you only need rebuy to MAX
- 25Euro/Year <= if you also need rebuy to MIN (or any other amount than MAX)
tell me which skin you want to use rebuy to MIN on!!!
* Note: Autorebuy needs Enet handconverter running

6 - Enet Poker Network HandConverter - 20Euro/Year
- automatic converts hands to PartyPoker HH format
- you can use HoldemManger HUD at the tables
7 - Melita Network HandConverter - 40Euro/Year
- automatic converts hands to PartyPoker HH format
- the simple HUD is included here
8 - Action Poker Network HandConverter - 25Euro/Year
- automatic converts hands to PartyPoker HH format
- the simple HUD is included here
- 50% of original HH are broken, tool is able to repair ~30%
so you end up with 80% imported hands

S - Support via Teamviewer : 15Euro/30min
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