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По умолчанию Французов больше нет в сети Ongame?

Вот надыбал такую весчь.
Я правильно понимаю, что сладких французов больше нет в сети Ongame?

BLOCKED PLAYER NOTICE – Effective immediately

Due to the pending enforcement of the gambling law implemented in France, HollywoodPoker
is no longer able to support new French player acquisition. In the coming weeks,
our network host, Ongame, will also be blocking all French play from the network.

Future of French play at HollywoodPoker - We are assessing the license options
in France and will update our partner network as a decision in this regard
is reached. We hope to be able to welcome French players back to the site soon.

Once Ongame does shut off French players, the following can be expected:

l Real money players will be blocked (as in China and Turkey)

l Any tournament tickets held by players will be expired

l Any running bonuses will expire

l Real money withdrawal will not be blocked and players will be notified
to remove funds from their poker accounts.

l Access to play money games will not be blocked.
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