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Здорово, если такой простой способ работает. Вот официальный ответ их суппорта - предлагают переустановить клиент.

Unfortunately, our latest update presented some technical difficulties.
In the mean time, you may reinstall your client in order to be able to connect to our server. You may wish to make a copy of "user.ini" (your preferences), "notes.xml" and "notes.user.xml"
(where 'user' is your user ID) from the PokerStars software as they will be removed when you uninstall the software. To do this simply open the PokerStars software (if possible) and click on "Help" -> "Open My Settings Folder" and locate those three files and copy them to a safe temporary location. If you cannot open the software you will need to manually navigate to the settings folder to locate those files.
For Windows XP and older (C:\Program Files\PokerStars\):
1. Double click "My Computer" on your desktop or start menu 2. Double click "C:" drive to view your hard drive 3. Double click "Program Files" folder 4. Scroll down and double click on "PokerStars" (or
5. Locate "user.ini" or "user", "notes.xml" and "notes.user.xml"
6. Copy the files to a safe temporary location (the desktop is a good choice)
For Windows Vista and Windows 7
1. Click Start
2. Type the following or copy/paste into the Search and press
%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\PokerStars (or PokerStars.NET) 3. Locate "user.ini" or "user", "notes.xml" and "notes.user.xml"
4. Copy the files to a safe temporary location (the desktop is a good choice)
Once you have made a copy of those files, uninstall PokerStars from your computer.
In Windows XP, go to Control Panel -> Add and Remove Programs and remove all PokerStars items.
In Windows Vista and Windows 7, go to Control Panel -> Programs
-> Uninstall a Program. Once there, uninstall all PokerStars
When the program is fully uninstalled please restart your computer. When the computer has restarted, download and install a fresh copy of the software from the following link.
Notes are located in:
/Users/[UserName]/Library/Application Support/PokerStars/ /Users/[UserName]/Library/Application Support/PokerStars.net/
User.ini is located in:
It is saved as com.pokerstars.user.ini
It is saved as com.pokerstars.net.user.ini
Once you have made a copy of the files you will need to uninstall the software by dragging it into the Trash. Next please go to our site and download the .zip file again:
Be sure to restore the two saved files once reinstalled. To do this, please go to the 'Help' menu and then back to 'Open My Settings Folder', then close PokerStars and copy the files back into the folder. If you are asked to overwrite any files accept.
You should then have no additional problems.
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